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Category Archives: Homework

  Repeated Reading is an easy academic intervention that involves the student reading a short passage several times. Reading the […]

  We talked about the first two broad areas of reading development, phonemic awareness and the alphabetic principle. Now, we’ll […]

  Listening Passage Preview is a simple academic intervention that targets reading fluency. This intervention involves an accomplished reader reading […]

  Error Word Drill (EWD) is a technique used to help developing readers learn vocabulary words. EWD has been effective […]

  Cover, Copy, and Compare (CCC) is an easy academic intervention. CCC has been effective in increasing students’ fluency and […]

  Problems with homework; we considered the setting, the supplies, and use of electronics in our last installment. Let’s now […]

  Problems with homework; it’s one of the most common complaints we hear about children and adolescents from parents with […]