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Social-Emotional Learning Information for Parents

*NOTE: Posting of these resources does not indicate an endorsement by the School Psychology Program or the KLASS Center.


Resource Subject Type Age/Grade
ChildMind** Talking to Children about COVID-19 Tips and Guidelines All ages
NPR** Helping Children Understand COVID-19 Comic PreK – Elementary
LiveScience Helping Children Understand COVID-19 Children’s Guide PreK – Elementary
Scientific American How to Prevent Loneliness Tips and Guidelines For Parents
Bark Educate families to keep students safe on the internet Tips and Guidelines For Parents
Big Life Journal Mindfulness & Resilience Tips and Guidelines; Printables; Activities For Parents
Centervention** Social, Emotional, Behavioral Skills Online activities Educators
Character Isn’t Cancelled Social Emotional Learning Tips and Guidelines; Live Videos For Parents
Character Strong Social Emotional Learning, Character Development Tips and Guidelines; Videos Parents, students, educators
Classroom Champion Social Emotional Learning with Athletics Tips and Guidelines Parents, educators
CounSEL Social Emotional Learning Videos; Lessons Parents, Families, Teens and adolescents
Youth First Social Emotional Learning Activities Parents, Students, Families
EduMotion Social Emotional Learning Videos; Lessons K-5
Enable My Child TeleTherapy Teletherapy available, tools for parent All ages
Enilda Clinic Child Behavior and Development Videos and Tips Parents
Fablevision Learning Social Emotional Learning Videos K-8th
Fight Song: Remote School Counseling Mental Health Support Online platform for students to connect with counselors Counselors
Find your Grind Career Exploration with Social Emotional Learning Lessons 6th-12th
First Time Parent Magazine Child Development Information on supporting child development Parents of 0-6 year olds
Follett School Solutions Social Emotional Learning Videos, ebooks, audio All ages
GiveThx SEL in the classroom Classroom app with lessons Teachers for all grades
GoNoodle** Mindfulness & Movement Videos All ages
Habits of Minds Kids* Social Emotional Learning and Critical Thinking Lessons and animations All ages
HeyKiddo!* Social Emotional Learning Text reminers to prompt & interact with child Parents of 6-11 year olds
Joy Sun Bear** Social Emotional Character Development Lessons for parents and activities for kids Parents of K-5th
Leader in Me** Leadership Videos, short lessons, activities Parents and students
Life Skills Go Social Emotional Learning Lessons and activities Parents of K-6th
Move this World* Social Emotional Learning Videos and Resources All ages
Next in Mind* Meditation and Anxiety Reduction Video course Ages 9-12
PBS Learning Media** Social Emotional Learning Videos and Resources All ages
Peekapak* Social Emotional Learning Games and Activities PreK-5th
Project Wayfinder Social Emotional Learning Lessons & Tips High School
QuaversSEL Social Emotional Learning Assignments and resources Teachers grades 3-5
ReelEducation Equality and empathy Videos and Lessons Teacher of all grades
Respectful Ways Social Emotional Learning Curriculum Parents, teachers of PreK-12th
Rethinked Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health Mental health toolkit & SEL suite School Districts
Rhithm Social Emotional Learning SEL Videos and check in Teacher and parents
School Tools TV Social Emotional Learning SEL Videos All ages
SiLAS** Social Emotional Learning Videos and Lessons Teachers and parents
Stop, Breathe, and Think** Mindfulness Resources and Materials for Classroom Teacher
The Imagine Neighborhood Podcast Social Emotional Learning Podcast Elementary
The Mutt-i-Grees Curriculum Social Emotional Learning Curriculum involving Pet Therapy Lessons and curriculum Teacher of all grades