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Postsecondary Autism Support Services (PASS) Comprehensive Program




The PASS Program is a comprehensive program developed to support the needs of University of Tennessee students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s). The PASS Program was piloted over a year ago through the KLASS Center and is now gearing up to accept students. Applicants to the program must be enrolled or accepted as degree-seeking students at the University of Tennessee.

Program Components / Services

The PASS Program is comprised of four components: (1) A two-hour weekly credit bearing course that incorporates a structured curriculum for students to develop and practice necessary academic and life skills [students must be registered/enrolled early enough in the semester to add the course to his or her schedule]; (2) one-hour weekly of individualized, hands-on support; (3) peer mentoring, and (4) collaboration with faculty/staff/parents (with appropriate releases). All services will be provided by advanced doctoral students and/or interns in School Psychology under close supervision by the KLASS Center’s licensed psychologists. Students enrolled in the program may continue (with satisfactory progress) in subsequent years without re-applying.

Program Fees: $3,200 per semester* (Increase pending for fall 2024)

*Note: Program fees are set by the University and are mid-range in comparison to peer institutions with similar programs.

Application Process

Please complete the online form below to start the process. We will be taking applications on a rolling basis, but we may require students to begin at the start of a semester rather than during a semester. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. The student and family are highly encouraged to submit all application materials as soon as possible. Potential students are encouraged to begin the admission process as early as possible (as early as November 1st for the following fall).

When all application materials for a student are received, a student’s application packet will be reviewed by the PASS Program staff. The student, student’s parents, and program staff will need to meet following application to allow all parties to evaluate the fit of the student and the program. During this visit, potential students will be informed about college expectations, the support provided by the PASS
Program, and the commitment expected by student and family members.

Students may be admitted into the PASS Program on an ongoing basis, but space is limited. An evaluation of an individual’s overall abilities and interests, as well as an interview, determines if there is a good match between student and program. Once admission decisions have been made, students and/or families will be notified by email and/or letter. Due to the limited space in the program, some eligible students may not be admitted.

An application to the PASS Program is considered “complete” and will be accepted only if it includes all identifying information, but especially the following:

  • A current (within the last 3 years) psychological/psychoeducational evaluation showing an autism spectrum diagnosis;
  • High school transcripts
  • For students who have previous college experience: an unofficial transcript from that institution, or other documents that detail classes taken and grades earned.
  • The completed online application
  • The completed online personal essay (may be typed separately and either uploaded or emailed to the program)

*Admission to the PASS Program does not guarantee admission to the University of Tennessee. Applications to the university and to the PASS Program are separate processes.




If you have questions, please email Carolyn Blondin or call 865-974-6177.