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Students with IDD: Improving College Faculty Attitudes and Competency


At the recent Mid-South Regional Conference for Psychology in the Schools, Margaret Crewdson and Natalie Hassett, students left to right in the photo, presented on a study that examined the outcomes of a training presented to college instructors who provide instruction to students who are intellectually and/or developmentally disabled (IDD).


Faculty members were provided training to increase their awareness of IDD and competency for working with students with IDD. Students in the FUTURE Program, a postsecondary training program for students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, regularly audit undergraduate courses in an inclusion model with other undergraduate students. Results indicated improvement in faculty members’ attitudes toward students with IDD, as well as stronger feelings of competence working with students with IDD.


Other results and implications are outlined in the linked poster. For other information about the study please contact either Margaret Crewdson ( or her faculty advisor, Dr. Steve Mccallum (


Here is a link to their poster:


MidSouth Poster –  Crewdson, M., Hassett, N., Burgin, E., Kotik, J., & McCallum, R.S. (2018, October). Audit instructors’ attitudes and perceived competency toward college students with intellectual disabilities. Poster presented at the Mid-South Regional Conference for Psychology in the Schools, Huntsville, AL.