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Christopher H. Skinner

Meet the Faculty/Staff: Dr. Chris Skinner


Christopher H. Skinner earned his PhD from Lehigh University and has been recognized as one of the most productive scholars and successful trainers of applied school psychology researchers in the field. He has co-authored over 180 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Skinner brags that his accomplishments can be directly traced to his work with exceptional graduate students and practitioners (mostly public school personnel). Skinner is happiest when he is partnering with his doctoral students to work with educational professionals to address presenting problems. In doing so, he often finds that he can advance his field with creative interventions and insights, while also benefiting his collaborators and their students (e.g., K-12 students in public education).

Skinner has won three national research awards from the American Psychological Association including Outstanding Young School Psychology Researcher (when he was younger) and School Psychology Senior Scientist (lifetime research award when he was older – 2012). He also won APA’s Fred S. Keller award for empirically validating interventions.

While he is pleased when his research is cited by others, he is most pleased by contacts from practitioners letting him know that they have implemented his interventions and they have worked (school-wide interventions, class-wide interventions, and interventions targeting specific students).

In the KLASS Center, several interventions that Dr. Skinner has researched are used to help improve various academic and behavioral skills for the clients we see. Additionally, his interventions are often used in school-based settings away from the Center. He provides the direct training for our doctoral students in consultation methods and academic interventions. Dr. Skinner holds a license with the state as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and provides supervision as needed.

For more information about the intervention services at the Center, please contact us at or 865-974-6395.

**Photo credit: Synthia Clark**