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School Psychology Students


The KLASS Center is affiliated with the APA Accredited School Psychology PhD program that is housed within the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling.

Students in the School Psychology program are able to work in the KLASS Center’s clinic as third-year and fourth-year doctoral students where they learn the bulk of their clinical practice skills.

As third-year students, they are given basic assessment responsibilities, observational duties, and help some with interventions that are ongoing to help build skills in the clients we see and with whom we work.

Fourth-year students provide more in-depth services and take on more responsibility for each case in an effort to build their skills toward independence. All third-year and fourth-year practicum students are supervised by one of our licensed psychologists and/or a doctoral intern (analogous to a medical intern – completed all course and skill work, and building professional independence) who is also supervised by a licensed psychologist.

We are blessed to have some of the brightest minds from across the country who we get to teach and train to become scientist-practitioners in the truest sense.